July 3, 2024

Latest Tech in Hospitals & Aged Cares


When we take our loved ones to the hospital, we expect that they will receive the best possible round the clock care. However, even with the best surveillance, patients may still fall off their bed or get up off their chairs and wander off. This is all very common among elderly patients who have dementia. And as a result, hospitals have often needed to invest in bed sensors and chair alarms as a way of monitoring their patients’ safety. 

The sensors and chair alarm systems detect when the patient moves out of their bed or chair and sends an alert to a monitor. While they don’t prevent accidents from happening, they improve the hospital’s response to such situations that could potentially become very hazardous. 

Here are some of the best bed sensor and chair alarms in hospitals;

1. The Smart Caregiver Alarm system

Smart Caregiver is one of the leading alarm system brands when it comes to bed sensor and chair alarms in aged care facilities and hospitals. The 10-by-30-inch pad comes with an in-built pressure sensor that can reliably indicate the patient’s movements. It sends an alert to a monitor when triggered. You can also adjust the volume so that a signal isn’t too loud to scare the patients. The Smart Caregiver has both corded alarm systems and cordless systems. The cordless alarm system is more suitable for chairs so that your patients won’t have to stumble on cords when they try to move. In turn, a cordless alarm makes this a less hazardous situation for both the patient and the nurse. The cordless one is, however, a little bit more expensive.

2. The Smart-Caregiver Short-term Alarm system

This is another product by Smart Caregiver but aimed for short-term use. They are more suitable for monitoring patients who are only at the hospital for a short period of time. It is designed for patients in extreme conditions who need very close monitoring. Slight movements will trigger the alarm, and not just when they fall off the bed or chair. This can, however, interfere with the patient’s sleep. So it’s essential that the nurse looking after a patient at the time who is using this keeps a very close eye on them and gives them that extra bit of care. 

3. The Secure 45BSET-1Y System

This chair alarm system is portable, and the nurse can still monitor their patient even if they are stepping away from their station. This makes it convenient, especially for caregivers who have to move around looking after other patients too. It also comes with a velcro case for carrying the alarm. The only downside of this sensor is that it drains batteries faster and will regularly require a recharge; otherwise, you risk missing an alert. It is also extremely loud and can scare the patients, which is not ideal. 

4. The Secure 45BSET-5 Tamper-proof System

It is an upgrade from the above model, and justifiably, more expensive. However, the cost is totally worth it. It is a quality system with a tamper-proof design. It is designed for comfort and has secure linings and protection to guard against bed wetters. You can adjust the volumes to your preference too. However, just like the other sensor, you have to keep replacing the batteries as they aren’t long-lasting. Battery life indicators will let you know when you are running low on power. Users have indicated experiencing difficulties in resetting the alarm after it goes off, though that is aimed at preventing patients from turning off the signals themselves.