May 25, 2023

Technology Trends to hit in 2017

Technology Trends to hit in 2017

It is amazing at the technology we now have available to us. To possess the capacity to retrieve just about any information and speak in a thousand distinct ways using a system that fits in your pocket.

There is always something new on the horizon, and we all cannot help but wait and wonder exactly what technological marvels are coming next. There are a number of big tech trends we are in store for in 2017. If you are already an entrepreneur, then think of how you can leverage those technologies to attain your intended market in new ways.

  1. IoT and Smart Home Tech.

We have been hearing about the coming revolution of this Internet-of-Things (IoT) and leading interconnectedness of smart house technology for several years. So what is the holdup? Why are we not all living in bright, attached houses by now? Part of the issue is too much competition, together with insufficient cooperation, you will find a lot of different appliances and programs available on the current market, but few options to tie everything together into one, seamless consumer experience. Now that larger businesses already indulged in uniform user experience (such as google, Amazon, and Apple) are involved, major advancements are expected in the coming year regarding ease of access as well as cloud computing security.

  1. AR and VR.

We have already seen some significant steps forward for augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies in 2016. Oculus Rift premiered, to favourable reception, and tens of thousands of VR programs and games followed. We also watched Pokémon Move, an AR match, burst with over 100 million downloads. The marketplace is prepared for AR and VR, and we have already got some early-stage apparatus and technology for all these programs, but it is likely to be next year until we see things actually take off.

  1. Automation.

Teachers will be (largely) happy to understand that automation will turn into a larger mainstay in and during 2017, with innovative technology allowing the automation of formerly human-exclusive tasks. We have experienced robotic journalists in flow for a year or two now, and it will not be long until they create another jump into more practical kinds of posts. It is very likely that we will begin seeing productivity skyrocket in several of white-collar form jobs and we will begin seeing some tasks disappear entirely. When automation is coupled with machine learning, that which can enhance even quicker, therefore 2017 has the capability to be an extremely milestone year.

  1. Humanized Big Data (visual, empathetic, qualitative).

Big data was a huge topic for the previous five decades or so, as it began making headlines as a buzzword. The notion is that mass amounts of accumulated data, that we currently have access to, will help us prevent everything from having better health care remedies into executing better advertising campaigns. But big data’s greatest strength, its own quantitative, numerical base, can also be a weakness. In 2017, we will see progress to humanize big data, searching more empathetic and qualitative pieces of information and projecting it at a more visualized, accessible manner.

  1. Physical-Digital Integrations.

Mobile devices are gradually incorporating technology into our everyday lives. It is rare to see anybody without a smartphone at any particular moment in time, providing us access to virtually unlimited information in the real world. We already have things such as site-to-store buying, allowing online customers to purchase and pick up products at a physical retail location, but another level will be even farther integrations between physical and electronic realities. Online brands such as Amazon will begin having more physical goods, such as Dash Buttons, and bodily brands such as Walmart will begin having more electronic features, like shop maps and merchandise trials. The advancement of private cloud computing and increase in security it expected to take off as well.