July 3, 2024

How to Protect Your Skin in the Australian Heat

hand creams and the sun

With a small amount of planning this holiday season, you can find out the way to have beautiful skin in tropical climates quite simply. Taking care of your skin is key to looking great in any environment around Australia, and while cosmetics can also be harder when it’s humid, having the ideal foundation makes all of the difference.

Maintaining clean skin

Keeping your skin clean is not just a simple matter of a fast wash with water every morning. A thorough cleansing is necessary on a regular basis to prevent clogged pores and dull, uneven skin tone.

Some tips are:

  •    Cleaning the face from all traces of cosmetics using makeup remover, skin cleanser and a face washer.
  •    Exfoliate with a gentle brush.
  •    Pore extraction with strips on the forehead, chin and nose to help remove and prevent the build up of sebum within the pores. Leaving this there will cause the pores to extend out and expand. The cleaner they are, the more minimal their look will become over time.
  • Based on the state of your skin, now’s the time to relax for approximately 20 minutes using a hydrating, toning, firming or clarifying mask.

Daily Routines

Cleanse the skin with a creamy cleanser (if you’ve drier or more mature skin) or a foaming cleanser (if you’ve got younger, oily or prone to break skin out). Apply this with the tips of your fingers and massage it well to remove traces of oils which have settled in your face over night. Eliminate the cleanser with a warm, damp face cloth.


For many people, having a toner is optional, but given that the majority of us suffer from our skin getting oily in humid weather, a clarification from the toner can help with keeping the glow down throughout the day.


Even when you have oil skin, you still have to feed it. A light application of a serum suited to your skin type will help restore its elasticity.

Eye Cream

If you are over 20 you ought to use this every day. Your general face moisturiser is not acceptable for the delicate eye area and may cause more pronounced lines.


Always, always wear high protection factor sunscreen irrespective of your skin tone. Use oil free products especially formulated for the face. In case you’ve got light skin or like to look paler in pictures, use a sunscreen that’s light reflecting Titanium Dioxide. Otherwise, seek out products with this active ingredient to avoid nasty skin spots, and to prevent mole removal.

Keep your skin hydrated

Hot and humid weather will immediately remove moisture from the skin as it evaporates. In these climates the amount lost can be up to triple the average of two litres every day. So drink up! Be sure that you’re replenishing both the water and the essential salts on your system; isotonic drinks can help. Coconut water is the most perfect natural source of minerals and vitamins in which will truly help you glow! Try eating foods with a high water content to help you maintain your hydration without becoming bored. Watermelon, rockmelon, strawberries, honeydew melon; those fruits are fantastic for a light, healthy and hydrating snack.

Sun protect your skin

There is a very unattractive sight often seen on holiday makers in these climates. The red skinned sunburn, or even the dark reddish brown tinge that reveals the sever level of sun damage these vacationers have done. Protection your skin from sun damage is vital, not simply to protect from skin cancer, but also from premature aging. You can always get a check up from your skin doctor, but when you go outside you should remember to wear hats, sunglasses, long sleeved and loose fitting clothes all make a significant difference when coupled with adequate sunscreen protection.